Class above the clouds

What could be finer than floating through the sky? The answer: doing so in an exclusive environment of top-class luxury. We can give your dreams wings, with our business and private jet refits that bring function and elegance into perfect harmony.

In the sky, different rules apply. Rules that we’re familiar with.

For a plane to fly, it needs to comply with a special set of standards. Extremely strict weight and fire load specifications require calculations that are absolutely precise and plans that are accurate to the millimetre. Complying with such requirements while delivering the highest levels of comfort and tailor-made solutions is one of our specialities.

We’re experts in the selection of materials, handling veneers and painting both large and small surfaces. Our in-house production facility is an ideal location for creating interiors for private jets. Everything is focused on precision, from our experience of subcontracting to the state-of-the-art production control systems.
Our mission lies in using our know-how to turn business and private jets into havens of comfort and class above the clouds.

Production-Organisation Approval EASA Part-21G

Sinnex is currently applying for EASA Part-21G approval process with Austro Control, the Austrian civil aviation authority. As a subcontractor to certified companies we have gained extensive experience in fitting out business jets with high-gloss, solid wood finishes.

Private Jet A-319


Private Jet A-319


Private Jet A-319


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Special finishes

The right material speaks a thousand words. Whether high-class marble, warm wood, sleek metal, or artfully decorated glass, our passion for extraordinary finishes spurs us on to find ever more innovative combinations.

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