Our solutions: Reliable

A winning combination: German engineering and Austrian tradition.

Preparation is everything. It’s second nature for us to focus on accuracy – to the millimetre – and to cooperate closely with our customers. A design that’s been thought out in every detail, an exclusive contact person for the client, top-notch engineering skills and state-of-the-art machinery are all things that help ensure that projects are implemented without a hitch and in close collaboration with all those involved. Thanks to our extensive network, we are keep track of every process, from planning right through to fitting. We adapt our approach to fit with the current stage of the project and ensure that all processes are subject to our strict quality and safety standards. We are happy to consult with you with regard to subcontractors, production details and inspections of the construction process. This helps us implement collaborative projects that deliver maximum levels of satisfaction.

The benefits for you:

  • Workshops with a grounding in traditional skills
  • A broad range of in-house production services
  • A reliable production control system
  • Oven design, product and fitting standards
  • Automated production processes
  • In-house engineering skills
  • Regular reports (“stage certificates”)
  • Transparency about prices and subcontractors
  • A strict system of quality and safety checks
  • Detailed maintenance and servicing instructions


Monthly status reports detailing the percentage of completion per room:

  • Design
  • Material
  • Production
  • Installation

You can monitor our progress on your project through detailed and comprehensive reports and on that basis consult with us on any necessary changes to the priorities.

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Sinnex Innenausbau GmbH
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9112 Griffen

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What our customers say...

Chris Gartner

Captain (Maltese Falcon)

„Working with Sinnex is not only a lesson in professionalism, but it is a lesson in team work.   Through our build the Sinnex group exemplified what it takes to get a world class project such as the Mega Sailing Yacht the Maltese Falcon started and completed.  It is a common feeling throughout the build team that it was a pleasure to work with Sinnex and I would highly recommend them if you want to have the interior of your yacht, aircraft, office or home finished in time and in the most beautiful way!  It is hard to beat the best!!!!“