Achieving extraordinary things, with passion

Are you looking for a little more? A little more quality? A little more class? A little more refinement? Then Sinnex is your ideal partner. We make dreams of luxury come true – while guaranteeing true quality. We don’t stop, even when others would be resting on their laurels. We locate the perfect material. The most exclusive cut. The most complete solution. In a custom-made, efficient, flexible and reliable way.

An attention to detail, millimetre by millimetre

Luxury interior design is more than just craft. It’s a passion for material, an attention to detail and a focus on ensuring that every finish feels just right. This is why we insist on the latest production techniques, the best-performing equipment and continuous professional development for our workforce.Our production facility in Griffen, Austria is a place where tradition is combined with state-of-the-art technology.

The result? Remarkable interior designs that are attracting praise around the whole world.

A strong network

Thanks to our extensive network of specialists, we have the right expert suppliers available for even the most extraordinary requirements. And each of them has been meticulously selected on the basis of Sinnex’s strict quality code. This ensures that we can offer a unique degree of flexibility and reduces the need to divide up the tasks within the company itself.

Seamless supply chains

Our flawless supply chains represent one of our greatest strengths. We make absolutely sure that the products we need are in the right place at the right time. Tight controls guarantee that every item supplied fulfils our demanding quality standards.

Sinnex: our recipe for success

  • 130 in-house employees
  • 500 external professionals
  • Locations in Austria, Germany and Holland
  • Our own production facility in Griffen (Carinthia, Austria)
  • A sense of tradition
  • The use of up-to-date equipment for top levels of precision and efficiency
  • Continuous quality controls and reporting
  • Prefabricated components to reduce on-board times
  • Close collaboration between our in-house engineering and production departments
  • A personal project manager for each customer