Step by step to the top

Success doesn’t just happen. Sinnex’s current market position has been achieved on the basis of a long and eventful history. Some of the company’s original founders are still actively involved in the company, while newer additions to the team over recent years have contributed to our growth by bringing new ideas and a freshness of vision to the table. You can find out more about our roots and our activities by reading about the history of Sinnex from the time it was founded right up to the present day. 

1996 - 1999

  • 1996 Company founded under the name “SIKA”.
  • 1998 Move to larger premises on the 2nd floor of the Fröscher Building, Bahnhofstrasse 13, in Steinheim an der Murr.
  • 1999 Change of company name to “Steinheimer Innenausbau exclusiv”.
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2000 - 2004

  • 2000 Klaus Mitterlindner becomes Managing Director.
  • 2001 Expansion of office space to the entire second floor of the Fröscher building. The new premises are officially opened in the presence of customers, architects, business partners and representatives from the worlds of politics, business and the media.
  • 2002  Founding of SINNEX Innenausbau GmbH, based in Griffen, Austria.
  • 2002 Walter Puschl and Klaus Mitterlindner become Managing Directors.
  • 2003 Registration of the brand name Sinnex Steinheimer Innenausbau Exklusiv GmbH Steinheim with the German Patent and Trademark Office, Munich.
  • 2004 Official inauguration of the Sinnex company headquarters in Griffen with a formal ceremony attended by German and Austrian employees, international customers, architects, partner companies and representatives from the church, politics and the business community.

2005 - 2010

  • 2008 Hans Natter joins Gerhard Belschner, Johannes Buschhaus, Klaus Mitterlindner and Walter Puschl as the fifth partner of Sinnex.
  • 2008 Founding of Sinnex Interjery OOO based in Moscow. Sergei Petrovich Dobroserdov is hired as Director.
  • 2009 Walter Puschl replaced as Managing Director of Sinnex Steinheim by Gerhard Belschner.
  • 2009 Founding of Sinnex Holding GmbH, later renamed Sinnex Beteiligungs GmbH. Johannes Buschhaus and Hans Natter become Managing Directors of the company.
  • 2009 Founding of Sinnex Vermögens-Verwaltungs GmbH in Griffen.

2011 - today

  • 2011 Founding of Sinnex Interior B.V. based in The Hague, Netherlands as a 100% subsidiary of Sinnex Beteiligungs GmbH. Gerhard Belschner becomes Managing Director.
  • 2012 Alexander Höfling joins as the Chief Commercial Officer of Sinnex in Griffen. Wolfgang Walzl becomes the Chief Technical Officer. Walter Puschl, Johannes Buschhaus and Gerhard Belschner resign.
  • 2013 Founding of Sinnex Plan GmbH based at Schweinfurt, Germany to finish projects from other interior companies.
  • 2014 Update of the management team: Klaus Mitterlindner and Hans Natter move to the advisory board of the Sinnex group. Operation responsibility now lies with a management team: Alexander Höfling, Wolfgang Gutschi and Wolfgang Walzl.
  • 2015 Reorganisation of the company structure. Competence centre for installation in The Netherlands, Sales and After Sales in D- Steinheim and projectmanagement, engineering and production in A-Griffen.